Hey, "Designated Survivor" fans. We recently got some new, official spoilery intel in from the folks over at ABC for their upcoming episode 17 of season 1. We got about three storyline scoops to cover for this one. They sound real interesting, too, as we'll be seeing Hannah go even deeper into her investigation of the conspiracy, and uncover even more intel than she could've ever imagined! A journalist by the name of Abe Leonard, shows up on the scene with a big story from the Middle East, and more.

It's "The Ninth Seat"

In their official press release, they also revealed that the producers came up with the name: "The Ninth Seat" to be the title for this.

In their official synopsis, they pointed out, in all-caps, that Hannah is definitely going to stumble upon a new lead that will end up, sending her into the very heart of the conspiracy that's going on. So, it looks like this storyline will ,most likely, get most of the focus.

Going undercover

Elaborating on it, they tell us that Hannah is going to decide to go undercover in an effort to get more intel, and she will certainly not disappoint, because she's going to end up, finding way more information than she ever hoped to discover! What will this crazy,new intel be? What will she do with it? These are a couple of burning questions for this situation. They, of course, didn't answer them in this press release, so it looks like we'll definitely have to wait for this thing to air, to see how it plays out.

One thing that we do know, for sure, is that it's going to give us some very intriguing, new scenes, which should be very entertaining.

Supreme Court problems

Next, we're told that we'll see President, Kirkman, back in action, but it certainly doesn't sound like he'll be having a good time at all. Apparently, he'll be caught in a very difficult situation with trying to form a new Supreme Court.

Will he eventually be able to get this court up and running? Or will the pressure just end up, being too got damn much? Hopefully, those important questions will get answered in this episode.

Seth has to contend

Lastly, we've got this final teaser spoiler, which they reveal, will involve characters: Seth Wright and Abe Leonard.

Apparently, Seth is going to have to contend with Abe after he shows back up on the scene from having been in the Middle East. Abe will deliver very explosive story.

Now, the obvious questions here, is what is this big,freaking story that Abe has? And will he end up, telling it? What the hell is Seth going to do? Again, they didn't give us any details to answer those questions, so that'll be another couple of things to watch out for in this episode. It's highly possible that we may see some extra details about this in the new preview clip that's expected to release right after episode 16 wraps up, tonight, so you'll definitely want to watch out for that.

We also have some production credits to go over for episode 17.

They let us know that Paul Redford, wrote up the script for it, and that they brought on Fred Toye to direct it, so everyone give them a big round of applause. Lastly, we can also confirm that the new episode 17 is currently scheduled to arrive next Wednesday night, April 19th,2017 at 9pm central time on ABC, unless otherwise noted. Stay tuned.