Hey, "Arrow" fans. We're definitely going to see a very pissed off Lance at some point in this new episode 22 of the current season 5. Apparently, Rene is going to really send him into furiousville with her latest actions, or the lack there of. Elsewhere, we'll be seeing our beloved Katie Cassidy back in action to reprise her Black Siren character! Also, it appears that Oliver is going to get a big birthday party bash. We got these new spoiler teasers from CW's latest press release.


As always, they did mention what this episode is titled by telling us it's called: "Missing." They didn't waste anytime, mentioning that we're going to see the Black Siren back in action as they made sure to put that part in all-caps as the leading sentence.

So, it sounds like we might see her in quite a few scenes.

But what will she be back in town for? That's the huge question for this storyline. Fortunately, the CW did decide to elaborate on it and give us an answer, telling us that she is going to be back in town to lend Adrian Chase a helping hand at some point. Will Chase be glad to get her help? Or will he think she needs to take a hike? Those are a couple of questions that pop up for that teaser. Unfortunately, we don't have an answer for them at this time, so we're just going to have to wait and see.

Birthday party bash

Next, they let us know that we're going to see Felicity decide to put together a huge birthday party bash for Oliver. Will Oliver appreciate this gesture?

Or will he not be interested in having a birthday party? That's another couple of questions that we'll have to wait and tune in to get the answers. Overall, it seems like that one will be one of the lesser, more cheesy storylines. Kind of like a filler to use up the extra real estate space they encountered when writing the script.

Missing the custody hearing

Anyways, lets jump into this third and final scoop. It's the one, involving Lance. Apparently, we're going to see Rene end up, missing the custody hearing for Lance's daughter, and that is just going to send him into a heavy state of hardcore anger, as they tell us that he's just going to be absolutely furious over this situation!

Will Lance be able to eventually calm himself down? Or will his temper continue to get the best of him? It's certainly going to be interesting to see, as this storyline should give us some pretty dramatic scenes to look forward to. No doubt about it. We have Mairzee Almas listed as the director of this episode, and that the writing team of: Speed Weed & Oscar Balderrama, delivered the script.

Alright, that's going to wrap it up for our teaser session for this episode, because we simply don't have any other intel on it at the moment, but definitely look for the new promo clip for this episode after episode 21 finishes up later on, tonight, because it should certainly reveal some extra details. Episode 22 is also confirmed to show up next Wednesday night, May 17th,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.