On the series "Married at First Sight," the three couples are on their honeymoon after marrying as soon as they met at the altar. The marriage is legally binding, but after eight weeks the couples will decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce. A husband and wife have already indicated that they prefer not staying together, and this decision was made while honeymooning in St. Croix.

Which couple wants to call it quits?

On the second day of their honeymoon, Nate Duhon, 26, told Sheila Downs, 30, that his younger brother was going to be living with them.

To viewers' surprise, Sheila said that's fine because they are all family now. Sheila accepted that news. That wasn't what upset her while getting to know her new husband on their honeymoon, though.

When Nate and Sheila went jet skiing, they found out that they are not compatible after all. Sheila begged Nate to take it easy on the water, but he paid no attention to her request to show down. In fact, he went even faster, and they fell into the water. Sheila remained angry with Nate the rest of the day.

She got in touch with relationship expert Rachel DeAlto and discussed that she thinks Nate is too high energy and she is just the opposite. She is beginning to think it is because of their age difference.

Nate's assessment of his marriage

A second argument occurred when Nate and Sheila played ping pong. Sheila accused Nate of being too competitive during the game. Later when Sheila refused to hold his hand, Nate felt disrespected and said he doesn't have it in him to stay with Shelia. After that second argument about an activity, Nate said he is changing his mind about Sheila.

He said the future of their marriage is not looking too good.

Some people on social media seem to think that even though Sheila said it was fine for Tyree to live with them, she is probably thinking about the situation in the back of her mind, and her resentment is coming out through the activities with Nate.

The preview for Thursday's episode shows Nate and Sheila arguing.

Sheila cries and leaves the room. Nate is heard talking to the cameras saying he doesn't think he will stay married to his new wife that he has previously gushed about.

The show's track record

Viewers were having high hopes for Nate and Sheila, but after these latest developments, their relationship doesn't look like it will survive. They are the only ones who consummated their marriage on their honeymoon, but they are the ones who have argued the most.

Fans wish every season that the couples will stay together, but the show doesn't have a good track record for couples remaining married.