Hey, "Designated Survivor" peeps. The new,official spoiler teasers have arrived from ABC for the upcoming episode 19 of the current season 1. We've got a couple of dramatic and interest things going on in these storylines that they revealed. It turns out that Kimble's speakership is going to get challenged at some point, causing her to start prepping for one major battle. The first international summit will also being going down, and the White House will definitely be gearing up for it, and more.

This one is named: "Misalliance"

And in usual form, they also let us know what the producers came up with as title for this thing.

It's been labeled: "Misalliance." The very first thing that they highlighted ,in all caps, is the fact that Kimble is going to have to brace for the biggest fight of her freaking,political life! So, it seems like this storyline might get most of the focus.

Called into question

They went on to explain more details about it, telling us that Kimble's speakership is going to get called into question at some point, setting up a situation where she will have to engage in a major, political battle. In fact, it's so major that they're describing it as being her toughest battle to freaking date! The big questions for this plotline, is: will Kimble win this crazy battle and keep on trucking? Or will her opponents get the better of her?

Not surprisingly, ABC didn't reveal this vital piece of info, leaving it to have to be revealed in the episode. The one thing we can be sure of ,though, is that this storyline is really going to offer up a lot of drama and intensity.

An international summit

Next, they let us know that the scene will be set for President Kirkman to hit up his very first international summit at some point, and that we're going to see the White House get really geared up for it.

Will Kirkman do well at this extremely important event? Or will he mess it all up. We don't think he will, but that would sure make things interesting as hell wouldn't it? Anyways, it sounds like that storyline will give us some very interesting scenes as well.

Back to Washington

Last, we've got one more teaser scoop that is going to involve Alex.

Apparently, she's going to be heavily contemplating whether or not she should bring the kids back to Washington. What will her big decision be? Will we see those kids back in Washington? Or will she just decide that they should just stay put. Those are the big question marks for her situation at the moment. The production credits, reveals that this episode was directed by Norberto Barba, and that Dana LeDoux Miller & Jenna Richman wrote up the script. We can also confirm that episode 19 will definitely hit the airwaves next Wednesday night, May 3rd,2017 at 9pm central standard time on ABC. Stay tuned.