There had been rumors going on for a long time that the co-hosts of "Morning Joe" were in a relationship. The news came out on Thursday, May 4 that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are now engaged, and a spokeswoman from MSNBC confirmed the engagement. The public is not surprised, though, because a lot of people sensed something romantic was going on between the two news journalists, though they have never acknowledged their relationship publicly until now, and previously denied it when people questioned them about it.

Their journey

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the newly engaged couple described their romantic journey.

Brzezinski said she realized something was going on for over a year and a half. She admitted that it was hard for both of them to accept how they were feeling about each other, but it came to a point where neither one of them could deny it any longer.

It was probably because there had already been three marriages and three divorces between the two of them. Also, there are six children among them. Joe has been married twice and Mika has been married once. Mika has two adult daughters, and Joe has four children, two sons from his first marriage, and a daughter and a 9-year-old son from his second marriage. Joe told Vanity Fair that he had sworn off marriage forever and hadn't planned to do it again in a million years.

After hearing the news, many of the couple's friends and fans congratulated them on social media.

Working together

Joe and Mika have been working together on the early morning talk show for ten years.

They started working together in 2007. They decided that since they work together on the air for three hours each weekday and settle everything by the time the show ends, they can do the same with a romantic relationship.

During the ten years they have been working together, they were married to their spouses during most of that time.

For example, Joe was married to his second wife until 2013, and Mika was married to her husband of 22 years. They split in December 2015, but their divorce was not finalized until 2016.

It is interesting that Mika is a Democrat, and Joe is a Republican. Their on-air dynamic works well, as they discuss and disagree on politics, yet at the end of their three-hour broadcast, they are still friends.

It was reported that Joe, 54, got down on one knee over the weekend while in Antibes, France celebrating ahead of Brzezinski's 50th birthday on Tuesday, May 2. Neither one of them mentioned on the show that they are engaged since they returned from their weekend getaway. Perhaps they are so programmed to keep a low-profile that it might be hard to break the habit.