Most people like a good love story, whether on television, in the movies, or with real people. The romance between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seems to be a love story that people like knowing about. The couple has been dating for almost a year and has spent a lot of time together even though they live about 3,483 miles apart. Prince Harry and the actress made their relationship public last year. People have noticed many signs that they are very serious about each other, and they might get engaged soon.


Most people believe a relationship is serious when a couple attends a wedding together.

Last March, Meghan met Harry in Jamaica to attend the nuptials of Harry's best friend. Harry and Meghan stayed in Jamaica after the wedding was over to spend time together. Meghan has been invited to be Harry's date at Pippa Middleton's wedding reception on May 20 in England. The 35-year-old actress is taking a week off from filming "Suits" in Toronto to attend the celebration and to spend time with the prince.

Spending holidays together

Spending holidays together is one of the things couples do when they are in love. Harry and Meghan have spent almost every holiday together since they have been dating. Their time together might not have been on the exact date, but their time together was on days surrounding the actual date of the holiday.

Harry arrived the Wednesday before Easter and spent time with Meghan in Toronto. They spent Valentine's Day together. He was with his family on Christmas Day, but soon afterward, Meghan went to England and spent two months with him. They have been on several vacations together. Meghan has spent so much time at Kensington Palace that she is not required to go through security.

When the guards see her coming, they just wave her in.

Public relationship

Prince Harry and Meghan have never tried to hide their relationship. When they first began dating, Harry asked the media to give them privacy and not harass Meghan. If he didn't believe the relationship would develop and be long-term, he would not have announced it.

Actress making plans

Meghan is making some changes in her life. She recently shut down her lifestyle blog, "The Tig" without an explanation. She merely told her readers that it was time to say goodbye. As far as social media goes, the actress has not tweeted in over a month. No member of the royal family has a social media account. Perhaps Meghan is practicing to become a royal.

It has been reported that this is Meghan's last season on "Suits." If that is true, it will be a very big sign that she is making long-term plans with Harry. Harry is in the process of renovating a bigger apartment in Kensington Palace for him and Meghan. Both of them share a passion for charities, and it has been reported that they are combining theirs and will work together.

Meeting each others' families

Prince Harry has met Meghan's father. Meghan has met Harry's father, Prince Charles, as well as his brother Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their two young children.

Don't you think these are signs that the relationship is serious enough to go to the next step, which is an engagement?