Speculate no more. NBC has confirmed that MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Joe Scarborough proposed to his co-host Mika Brzenzinski over the weekend while in Monaco and the south of France, celebrating Brzezinski's 50th birthday, which was on Tuesday. The cable news couple have long-been rumored to be a romantic item. In fact, Donald Trump ousted their secret romance last year after the two made a remark that he did not like. Its been said that several months ago, Donald Trump, as President, offered to marry the former congressman and his co-host should they ever become engaged.

Reportedly, Scarborough, 54, got down on one knee and asked for Brzenzinski's hand in marriage at the Bar Bellini at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes. One source stated that Mika, who has been divorced since last year, wants to move forward in her life, spending it with Joe. Another source added that Joe is the happiest he has ever been with Mika. She shares two adullt daughters with ex-husband James Hoffer. Joe Scarborough has been married twice and has four children.

A bipartisan match made in heaven

Lately, rumors had been floating around about the couple making the nature of their relationship known to the public. Last month, Scarborough told the Hollywood Reporter that he and Mika had a crackling on-air and off-air chemistry.

That was the first hint. A second hint may be the fact that Mika placed a few of her homes on the market recently. During the airing of Thursday morning's program, guest panelists Harold Ford, Jr. and Willie Geist gave them a cryptic on-air congratulations for having a ratings hike in their show. The cat was nearly out that bag.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have worked together on "Morning Joe" since 2007. Politically speaking, Mika is a Democrat while Joe is a ruby red Republican. Dinner conversations are sure to stay interesting.

All is fair in television love and war

Just before taking off for their celebratory getaway, Joe and Mika almost took off each other's heads in an on-air tiff on "Morning Joe" one day last week.

He called her rude and snotty due to her interruptions. The next day, Willie Geist announced that the pair would be out until Tuesday. Tongues immediately got to wagging, assuming they were sent home to cool down. Not so. Alas, nothing says kiss and make up like a diamond on a girl's finger. There is no word yet regarding a wedding date.