Jennifer Hudson is joining Season 13 of "The Voice" as a judge. She is excited to have gotten the assignment. She shared the news with her nearly two million Instagram followers. After getting the news about her new assignment, she wrote she was in tears thinking about her journey. She was referring to the fact that she rose to fame as a contestant on a singing reality show and now the tables are turned, and she will be judging as she was once judged.

Judge Jennifer Hudson

Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani will not return next season. Keys is stepping away from the show temporarily to work on an upcoming album.

Instead, Miley Cyrus will return along with newcomer Jennifer Hudson. Everyone seems to be extremely happy about the Oscar and Grammy-winner's role as a judge next season along with Cyrus, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton.

NBC's Paul Telegdy issued a statement on Thursday in which he praised Jennifer for her talent as a singer and actress. He added that she will be a natural fit for "The Voice." The 35-year-old already has experience being a judge. Earlier this year, she was a judge on the UK version and she coached contestant Mo Adeniran to become the winner in last month's grand finale. She can do the same in the US version of "The Voice."

Hudson has a lot of experience as a singer herself so she knows what it takes.

Remember, she won an Oscar for singing in "Dreamgirls" in 2006. Telegdy is right. Hudson will bring a lot of talent to "The Voice." Contestants will benefit from her talent and experience, and viewers will love his passion, compassion, and style.

'American Idol'

An announcement came out this week that "American Idol" is returning to ABC in the 2017-2018 season, and people were speculating that perhaps Jennifer Hudson could be a judge on the revamped show.

It is strange that Hudson's name was swirling around while the competition grabbed her before "American Idol" did. It is also interesting that Hudson gained attention and fame on Season 3 of the singing reality show even though she did not win. In fact, the singer ended up in seventh place.

Ready to go

Jennifer Hudson is ready to go.

She has already sent out a notice on Twitter to her fellow judges about her excitement to get started. Just as Jennifer is ready for "The Voice," "The Voice" and its fans are ready for her.

Everyone will miss Alicia Keys and what she brought to the show, but Hudson's fans and other viewers are looking forward to seeing her in the judge's chair mainly because they know how talented she is and the message her presence on the show will bring. She will be a living example to those competing. She will be a great testament to those who might not become a first-place winner at one time, but their success might be in something greater if they don't give up.