Fans have been thirsty for the new story of The Walking Dead” Season 8 ever since it has ended with a mysterious Season 7. Could it be true that Rick will be able to defeat Negan in the all new season of TWD?

A recent fuss is going on right now online, particularly to the life of Rick and his team on the AMZ’s flagship show “The Walking Dead.” Recently, a recent picture posted by Daniel Newman (Daniel) with Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Jeremy Palko (Hilltop resident Andy) on Instagram made a lot of speculations about the new season of the show.

It hinted fans that a stirring union between Alexandria, The Kingdom and Hilltop is going to be a major plot of the upcoming season of the show.

What will happen in the all-new season of 'The Walking Dead?'

The background of the picture is at The Sanctuary, Negan’s base. So does it mean that they are attacking The Sanctuary? Are they planning to put down Negan and his goons?

Then that can be a really good season opener as well as a celebratory episode, for Season 8 Episode 1 is going to be their 100th episode. Or this can just be a mid-war episode starting the season, and the rest of the episodes are just flashbacks. But Daniel Newman was fast to delete the picture and apologized for an honest mistake.

The premiere of an all new season of AMC’s 'The Walking Dead.'

The eight installment of the show is set to return somewhere around October. The show writer and producer Scott Gimple promise that this season is going to be fast paced. A time jump may also be possible following what happen to the comics, from where the show was derived.

We are also going to be seeing a lot more of Jadis, Enid, and Simon as they were promoted to series regulars.

Aside from the conflict between Rick and Negan which ended Season 7. There are still a lot of things to watch out for in this new season. Though the rating game is declining, the cast, creator and the network still promises to deliver quality entertainment that will keep you on your couch.

Fans are now wondering when the show will come back on small screens. Speculations are also making rounds that Glenn played by Steven Yeun might appear in the upcoming season of the hit TV show. However, the showrunners of the hit TV show have not responded to the rumor about Glenn's comeback yet.

As of this writing, AMC and the producers of “The Walking Dead” Season 8 are yet to have its release date. Thus, readers are advised to take this with a grain of salt.