"The Big Bang Theory" season 10 finale episode shocked a lot of viewers with its major plot twist. For those who have not watched the said episode, this is a fair warning that major spoilers are about to be divulged in this article. A significant relationship milestone occurred in the season finale, but it's not something to be joyous about. In fact, after watching the episode, the fans are toying with the idea that Sheldon might have cheated on Amy. This is practically a game changer in Sheldon and Amy's relationship and will significantly affect the flow of the next season.

It was an episode laced with surprise kisses and jaw-dropping proposals.

Someone from Sheldon's past returned, an ardent admirer named Romina to be exact, and she was determined to make the oblivious scientist hers, by hook or by crook. Of course, Romina's presence in the said episode jeopardized Amy's place in the scientist's life.

Romina vs. Amy- a one-sided tug of war

Romina was deadset on enticing Sheldon and even went to the extent of planting a big kiss on his lips. It was a make or break deal for the oblivious scientist on whether he will choose to be with Romina or Amy.

Romina wasn't entirely subtle with her plans to steal Sheldon away from Amy, and the gang has also not been subtle about their warnings.

However, all warnings were ignored as Sheldon refused to believe that Romina saw him in a romantic, intimate light.

Wedding bells are ringing

In some romantic novels or movies, it takes a big relationship pothole until two lovers discover that they truly love each other or that they can't live without each other. Such was the case of Sheldon and Amy, wherein the former had to have someone kiss him on the lips to make him realize that the latter is the only girl for him.

After Romina gave him a kiss on the lips, Sheldon politely excused himself and amusingly traveled across the country just to knock on Amy's apartment. Of course, Amy had no idea what was going on and was completely surprised to see the love of her life at her doorstep.

True love or surprised by the kiss?

Sheldon's proposal is a big relationship milestone not only for him but for Amy as well.

Their relationship has been in a status quo for a long time and not only the audience, but the characters themselves, deserve to have a big relationship milestone like a wedding proposal.

However, the fans are still not 100% happy for the relationship milestone of Sheldon and Amy because some theorized that the former might have decided to propose to Amy because of Romina's kiss. "The Big Bang Theory" season 11 will definitely start off with a lot of questions being answered.