The summer often seems like a long wait. Summer 2017 isn't like that though, as there are many shows coming back with either midseason premieres or season premieres. There are four in particular that fans are extremely excited about. If you're really stuck on things to watch, make sure you tune into these four scripted shows this summer. The weeks until your favorite shows are back will fly by.

'Game of Thrones' season 7

One of the biggest shows of the year is finally returning. Fans were not happy to hear that "Game of Thrones" wouldn't get its usual April start, and they were definitely not impressed to hear that the season would be cut from 10 episodes to seven.

The good news is the show will be here in July. There is a little over a month before it returns to HBO. Make sure you tune in and watch as the last two Lannisters battle to keep the Iron Throne.

'Suits' season 7

Another show hitting its seventh season is legal drama "Suits." After a year behind bars, Mike Ross is finally out and is now officially an attorney. Things will completely change at the law firm, where Rachel is now also a lawyer and Harvey has been promoted to managing partner. There's no Jessica to buffer Harvey and Louis now, and Donna has to figure out where to go after her business idea failed.

'Nashville' season 5B

If you prefer your music with a country style, then you want to catch a show that's returning from its mid-season break.

"Nashville" season 5 is back on June 1. Fans will get to pick up the pieces from Rayna's death and follow the characters as they move forward with their lives. There are a few new characters to get to know better, as the show moves forward ready for its already confirmed sixth season.

'Fear the Walking Dead' season 3

The prequel to "The Walking Dead" is back for its third season in June.

This season is going to be exciting for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," as Emma Caulfield is going to be in the series. AMC has refused to share details about the character. Nick and Lucy will also start changing the way they think and the people they're willing to trust after the harrowing events of season 2. Danay Garcia, who plays Lucy, is looking forward to switching roles and becoming the foreigner who has to follow other people's rules this time.

Which shows are you most looking forward to in summer 2017? Some are starting next month and others in July. Make sure you get your calendars ready and fill up your schedule while you wait for the return of your favorite shows.