The summer is shaping up to be an interesting time for TV. "Game of Thrones" isn't the only show starting its seventh season. "Suits" Season 7 is also coming to our screens. Usa Network confirmed this would happen back in August last year, making it clear it supports the legal drama despite some waning viewership.

The premiere of the seventh season of "Suits" is set for July 12. There is just over a month left to wait for the exciting drama that sees one of the best partnerships on TV. Harvey Specter and Mike Ross will be side-by-side after a weird feeling in the sixth season.

Things will change for Mike and Harvey

Fans will remember that Mike was the fraudster, who was hired because of his ability to memorize everything and anything. He was an expert in law, despite never sitting the LSATs under his own name. He would do the LSATs for others to make money. The only people who initially knew that he was a fraud were Harvey Specter and his legal secretary Donna, but it soon turned out that the whole firm and the world found out.

During season 6, Mike went to jail for his fraud. However, the end did see him come out on the other side, with an official law degree and job in hand. Jessica stood by him to help him keep the life that he had built when pretending to be a lawyer.

Now it means a huge change for Mike and Harvey's relationship, as Harvey no longer has to cover for Mike in case anyone learns the truth.

Nobody to buffer Harvery and Louis in 'Suits' season 7

There is one main character set not to return for season 7. Jessica has moved to the West Coast, leaving the law firm in the very capable hands of Harvey.

However, this means one thing: there is no longer a buffer between Harvey and Louis. The two have never really seen eye-to-eye and Harvey likes to wind Louis up.

This will change everything in the law firm, especially as Harvey acting as managing partner. He will need to completely change the way he acts, assessing the risk before flying off the handle.

This could open the door for Mike to take more risky cases and steps, while Harvey sits back and puts himself in Jessica's shoes.

There is also the added dynamic of Rachel now being a lawyer instead of a paralegal. She will get the chance to show the firm just what she's made of. This could completely change the dynamic between her and Mike.

"Suits" season 7 will air at 9 p.m. on USA Network from July 12. The 100th episode is set to air on August 30, making a milestone moment for the legal show.