"Nashville" fans don't have to wait for much longer. The season 5B premiere is almost here. Thursday night is the official date for the return, after a three-month break. Just what can fans expect to see when the country music drama returns to screens? Here's a look at all of the things that could happen in the next 11 episodes.

Warning: if you haven't caught up on the series yet, don't read on! There are spoilers. I recommend catching up in time to watch the show live on June 1.

Scarlett reveals the truth about her pregnancy

Things have never been easy for Scarlett and Gunnar, and things are about to get even harder.

Fans learned at the end of "Nashville" season 5A that Scarlett was pregnant. The big question is who the father is. Does she even know herself? There are two possibilities: Gunnar or Damian.

The on-again-off-again couple decided to call it quits once more in Season 5. Scarlett decided she wanted to have a little more fun in the bedroom and told Gunnar she wanted to take a break. Of course, Gunnar wasn't happy about that but when has anything completely gone his way? She decided to get it on with video music director Damien.

Hopefully, this isn't a storyline that will be dragged out too long. More importantly, hopefully, it turns out the baby is Gunnar's and the two can play a happy family.

Continued gaps between Maddie and Daphne

While it looked like the two singing sisters were growing closer, the gap between them is actually growing bigger.

Daphne constantly feels left behind, and that was certainly the feeling in the season 5A finale. She doesn't understand why the talk shows would only want Maddie to appear when they're supposed to be a duet.

This could certainly set up some interesting storylines moving forward, especially as Daphne gets older. It's going to be difficult, especially as Maddie realizes her potential future in showbiz.

Things aren't great with Maddie's most recent unfiltered "Thanks, Mom" comment, as Daphne doesn't quite understand what was going on in Maddie's head at the time.

Further problems at Highway 65

Things have not been good for Rayna's company Highway 65. Money is an issue and they needed to release her album as soon as possible. It seems a little icky releasing an album she was working on when she died, but Deacon has decided to support it.

The rest of this season will likely include some heartbreaking moments. Fans will grieve more over the loss of their country star and family members will find it hard to deal with the loss when her songs are constantly on the radio. This is going to be a hard half-a-season to watch.

The "Nashville" season 5B premieres on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

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