Monica Rose was, at one point, the go-to stylist for the Kardashian women. She styled Kim Kardashian for years and was often seen on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" in the background. Rose also made several appearances in the Kardashian's social media like many of their other style gurus.

The backstory on the former Kardashian stylist

Recently, not only did the Kardashians drop Monica Rose as their go-to stylist, they also stopped following her on social media, indicating that their split wasn't amicable. To further prove the theory that Monica Rose did something wrong to the Kardashians, there are even rumors that Khloe is considering suing the former employee but still, there's no telling why the reality TV royalty have turned their backs.

Even though it was clear that there was an issue between the Kardashian women and Monica Rose, they didn't trash the stylist publicly. Many "KUWTK" fans were wondering what went wrong and even after being questioned about the split multiple times, no one would come forward and explain Monica's absence. They all just seemed to move forward, most notably Kendall Jenner, who ended up replacing Monica with one of Beyonce's favorites, Marni Senofonte.

Kim reluctantly and very carefully tells her side

When Kim Kardashian was a guest on "Watch What Happens Live," Andy Cohen jumped straight to the Monica Rose drama and asked Kim why the Kardashians had moved on from their stylist. Based on Kim's reaction, she really didn't want to get into the story of why everyone walked away from Rose.

Instead, she very carefully talked about when she stopped working with the stylist and moved on to someone new.

According to Kim, she stopped having Monica Rose style her more than four years ago and the reason for that split was Kanye West. It turns out, at least according to Kim on "WWHL," that she wanted a new, fresh look so Kanye got her a whole new team of stylists.

That does sound about right too because roughly four years ago, Kim's style did do a drastic switch.

It turns out that after Kim swapped her styling team and started changing her look, Monica Rose reportedly took credit for the makeover, telling people that she is the reason for Kim's new look. Naturally, with someone like Kim Kardashian, that would never sit well and Kim hasn't worked with her from that point.

That's now why the rest of the Kardashians and Jenners have walked away from Monica Rose, though. It also isn't much of a reason for the very recent unfollow that Monica received from the entire family on social media. There has to be more to the story about what went wrong, causing the whole "KUWTK" clan to not only stop employing Rose but to also kick her out of their world via the social media cold shoulder.

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