"13 Reasons Why" will return to Netflix in 2018. The fans of the series cannot wait to hear what is in store for the series. Netflix released five juicy tidbits. For starters, Season 2 will pick up just a few months after Season 1 left off.

Hannah won't be narrating the series

Hannah won't be narrating the series anymore, in fact, the "13 Reasons Why" showrunner revealed that each episode would be another narrator so they can tell the story from more than one perspective. Even though Hannah won't be narrating the series, she will still be a huge party of the show through flashbacks.

Hannah's tape won't be the focus ---now, the cast will struggle to move on after Hannah's death and the aftermath it caused. Tape number 14, Bryce's confession, will be a hot topic early in Season 2. They will use it as "proof" that he raped Hannah and imply that Jessica's experience was not much different.

Jessica will continue to recover

At the end of Season 1 finale, Jessica wasn't doing well as she remembered her encounter with Bryce. She couldn't understand how Justin, someone that claimed he loved her, allowed his friend to violate her.

Justin explained why he allowed it. He said that Bryce was always there for him when his own mother wasn't. However, he admitted it wasn't worth losing her over.

Jessica told him she never wanted to see him again.

"13 Reasons Why" spoilers suggest that Jessica will continue to deal with the rape and may start to forgive Justin for his part.

Bryce gets what's coming to him

At the end of Season 1, nearly every "13 Reasons Why" fans wanted Bryce to get what's coming to him.

Apparently, the viewers will be pleased with how the story ends for him.

The season will shift from a series about Hannah's suicide to educating young people about the correct way for teenage boys to treat young ladies in our culture. They will address how both male and females could do better in relating to the opposite sex.

There are a few unanswered questions that the fans would like to be addressed. For example, what is Tyler planning? It looked like it was a school shooting. Also. Alex arrived at the hospital, and it was implied he tried to kill himself. Will they address his accident?

When will '13 Reasons Why' come back to Netflix?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Netflix series will return in early 2018. The buzz on social media is that they will start to film again in the next few weeks. They are in the beginning stages of writing the script.

"13 Reasons Why" fans, are you excited about the series coming back to Netflix? What do you think should happen to Bryce? Will Tyler carry out his school shooting plan? Will Alex make it?

"13 Reasons Why" returns to Netflix in 2018.