"Big Brother 19" spoilers tease that the summer season will be action-packed ---especially if "Survivor" villain Russell Hantz is cast on the series. A few days ago, Hantz hinted on Twitter that he could be appearing on the CBS reality series in June. The "Big Brother" fans have lost their minds over the possibility of one of the biggest "Survivor" legends playing on "BB19" this summer.

Russell Hantz

Hantz appeared on two seasons of "Survivor " several years ago, and now, he seems to be implying that he will be adding "Big Brother" to his reality TV resume.

Of course, many people don't buy it because, if he were indeed cast in the series, he wouldn't be allowed to talk about it. However, it does make you wonder if he is in the running to appear on the CBS summer reality TV series.

Apparently, Hantz originally applied to be on "Big Brother," only to be put on "Survivor" instead. He was fantastic on the CBS reality TV show and was able to find hidden immunity idols without a clue. He made it to the end twice, and neither time won the game. In fact, during his last stint on the show, the bitter jury gave the win to Sandra Twine-Diaz, who was a previous winner, instead of him.

All new players?

Robyn Kass, the casting director for "Big Brother 19," said that she wants to revamp the reality TV series, stating that it has gotten "kind of" stale over the past few years.

The fans of the show agree with her assessment and hope that she brings all new players back.The only teaser that she gave was that it was going to be different and much better than seasons past.

"Big Brother" fans aren't sure how much they can trust Kass because it is her job to get the fans excited about the series.

New surprises in store for 'BB19'?

"Big Brother" host, Julie Chen and Robyn Kass said that this season would be full of surprises and shockers. Chen stated that they have to "spice things up" because the past few seasons have lacked any element of surprise.

For the past few years, the "Big Brother" houseguests have not pulled any big blindsides or any huge power shift.

Most people consider the last good season to be "BB15." This season, Chen hopes to the houseguests will keep the fans on their toes and promised that they would have more viewer engagement, which could "affect the course of the game."

CBS will announce the new houseguests for the upcoming season in about four to five weeks. "Big Brother 19' fans, would you like to see Russell Hantz on the CBS reality TV show?

"Big Brother 19" returns on June 28 with a two-hour premiere on CBS.