In a recent interview with France Presse (AFP), Ridley Scott, the director of "Alien" talked about his belief in extraterrestrial species who are more advanced. He said there is a possibility that humanity could be threatened by an aggressive alien species. Scott thinks that the conflict between humans and aliens may become reality because there are probably hundreds of more intelligent and more technologically advanced alien species in the Universe. If one of these species would get in contact with us, humans must prepare for the worst, according to the director of "Alien".

"Alien" director thinks humanity would lose a war with aliens

Scott thinks that the reality could be worse than many science fiction scenarios. If a conflict between humans and an extraterrestrial species would escalate, humans would almost certainly lose. Scott told AFP that aliens would annihilate us in three seconds if we challenged them.

The filmmaker argued that there are estimates from experts about the possibility of having "100-200 entities" on other planets. These extraterrestrial species could follow an evolutionary model similar to one from Earth. Scott said that if representatives of such civilizations came to us first (before we get to them) then it would be better to for us to run away and hide.

"Alien" was a great success of the science fiction genre

The possibility of the existence of intelligent beings on other planets fascinates and attracts many people. For this reason it's used very often in science fiction scenarios. Ridley Scott made his own contribution to this genre, especially through the series "Alien" — which describes a contact between humans and an extraterrestrial predatory species.

The aliens from this sci-fi horror movie are a species with a remarkable adaptive capacity and with a great morphological flexibility. They are called "xenomorphs", they multiply very quickly and they are extremely effective in eliminating humans.

A new sci-fi horror movie "Alien: Covenant ", the sequel to "Prometheus" and "Alien" will premiere on May 19 this year.

Contradicted by a researcher from Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Seth Shostak, a researcher from SETI Institute, whose goal is to search and to intercept radio communications from potential alien civilizations, disagrees with the position of the filmmaker. Shostak told Live Science that the estimation of the existence of 100 to 200 intelligent alien species is completely unsustainable.

More, the scenario in which aliens invade our solar system just to steal our resources does not have much practical support, according to the researcher from SETI Institute. However Seth Shostak, agrees with Ridley Scott at a certain point: if an extraterrestrial civilization is able to build intergalactic vessels to bring them into the Earth's atmosphere, they certainly have a technology far superior to human technology. This means they can be dangerous.