Is this the beginning of the end on "young and the restless"?

According to TV Line, Greg Rikaart, who plays Kevin Fisher, is off of the CBS soap opera. The report states that the powers that be decided not to renew his contract, even though Greg wanted to continue with the soap.

When will he leave?

Rikaart will not leave "Young and the Restless" for a few months. Apparently, his contract expires in the summer, so the "Y&R" viewers will see more about his exit in the coming months.

The CBS reps and Greg have not revealed why he is leaving after 14 years, only that it wasn't Rikaart's decision.

At any rate, he will move on to either another soap or dabble in prime-time.

Kevin Fisher has grown in the past few years

Rikaart first appeared as Kevin in 2003 as Lily's love interest that she met online. He was much older than her and Lily's parents had major problems with their relationship.

Greg was only supposed to appear in a handful of episodes, but after seeing how talented he was, he scored a contract. Ever since, he was one of those characters the fans have rooted for as he lost at love, multiple times, and grew on the personal level.

Now, Kevin has redeemed himself from the days of being a villain and giving Lily a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Now he has a job with the police department and a single father to Bella now that Chloe has skipped town.

'Y&R' leaving an open door for a return

CBS revealed that they plan to leave the door open so Greg could possible return at a later date. This means that they will not kill him off and he will likely leave town to start over with his daughter.

When Chloe's exit was announced, many "Young and the Restless" fans wondered if Rikaart's days were numbered since they shared many scenes.

Without her in town, Fisher doesn't have much of storyline.

Will he find Chloe and reunite with her?

One theory is that he will launch an investigation to find Chloe. He still loves her and doesn't blame her for her actions. He realizes that she handled her grief wrong, but he thinks she needs therapy, not a prison sentence.

Rumor has it that he will locate her and he and Bella will go to be with Chloe. Will they live happily ever after? Probably not, but the odds are "Young and the Restless" will bring both Kevin and Chloe back from time to time.

"Young and the Restless" fans, are you surprised that Greg Rikaart is leaving the CBS soap opera? How do you think he will exit the soap?