Blame it on Ronald Reagan, who made the leap from radio broadcaster to actor to Governor Of California to President of the United States to world historical figure for winning the Cold War. A lot of Hollywood stars reach a point in their careers when they start to mull the possibility of going into politics. Part of the motivation is the “I could better than those clowns in office.” Part of it is a natural ego that comes from being a beloved movie star that many think can be translated into that other performance art, politics. In any case, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is the latest to imagine himself in the Oval Office.

Johnson started his career as a professional wrestler, hence the name “the Rock.” He gravitated into acting with some guest spots in TV shows, such as the time he wrestled Seven of Nine in an episode of “Star Trek: Voyager.” He became a staple of action films, such as the later “The Fast and the Furious” films. But he also possessed great comedy chops, such as in his appearance as a gay bodyguard and would be actor in “Be Cool.” Johnson has a very imposing presence and a deep, masculine voice that might serve well on the stump.

The article in the Hill quotes Johnson as pontificating about the necessity of sound leadership and offering mild criticism of President Trump’s initial travel ban. We don’t know of his opinions on such issues as taxes, illegal immigration, terrorism, or space exploration.

Johnson seems to be somewhat ambivalent about which if any party he identifies with.

He addressed the Republican National Convention in 2000 but also attended the Democratic version during the same election year. Johnson is a registered independent.

Johnson may well be the sort of sensible person that is greatly desired in a holder of a public office. On the other hand, we have the unfortunate example of Arnold Schwarzenegger to think about.

Schwarzenegger managed to get elected as a Republican to the office of governor of California as a moderate reformer. When his series of propositions failed during a statewide referendum, Schwarzenegger settled down to being a neutered, moderate who mouthed talking points about the environment and did not resist very much the Democratic-dominated state legislature.

People who thought they were electing the Terminator got something else entirely. Also, Schwarzenegger wrecked his marriage with an affair with one of the maids. His film career has never quite recovered.

The lesson, therefore, is that when thinking about electing an actor to public office, never believe that you are voting for one of his or her characters. That’s why it’s called acting.