Tuesday on "The Young and the Restless," it was revealed in flashbacks that Victor Newman found the runaway bride, Chloe Fisher. She gave him details of how she murdered his son Adam, and he offered her money to disappear. She agreed, on one condition: Chloe wanted to send letters to the two men who may be the biological father of her daughter Bella.

Chloe needs a baby daddy

After her daughter Delia was killed by Adam Newman in a car accident, Chloe decided to replace her. She first asked Billy Abbot, Delia's dad, if they could make another baby, but he declined.

She then got Billy really drunk, but he was unable to perform. Chloe had sex with Kevin, then stole a sperm sample that Billy had at the hospital. Chloe was livid when Ada did not get a lengthy prison sentence for killing her little girl. She ran Adam down with her vehicle as he was leaving the court house, and was sent out of town to a mental facility.

Chloe returned to town several years later with a little girl named Bella. Kevin asked if he was the father, and she told him no. Chloe said her daughter was from a one night stand. Viewers assumed she was lying, and that Bella belonged to Billy. Kevin would not let up, so Chloe consented to a DNA test which indicated that he was not the child's father.

Kevin and Chloe married, but it came out during the wedding that she had blown up the cabin with Adam Newman inside, so the new Mrs. Fisher ran away.

Has Victor Newman been meddling again?

Victor helped Chloe leave town so she would not tell anyone that the two of them had framed Adam for murder prior to his death. Later, Nick Newman told his father what Chloe had done.

On Friday Kevin and Billy both received letters from Chloe, letting them know that they could be Bella's dad. Dna Tests were done, and this time around, Kevin was shown to be the father.

Something is very wrong here. Chloe knew that Kevin was declared not the father after the first test. Why would she ask him to submit to a second test if the first one was accurate?

And if Chloe tampered with the first test, all she had to do was send a letter to Billy, as Kevin already knew he was not Bella's baby daddy. What reason would she have to not want Kevin to know the first time that the child was his?

The next question would be whether or not Victor tampered with the results. He hates Billy Abbot, and never wanted his daughter Victoria to marry him. Is Billy the father? If so, someone has a lot of explaining to do.