The previews for Tuesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" offered a big reveal. Victor Newman is holding Chloe Mitchell-Fisher hostage. The scene showed Kevin's runaway bride seated in a chair, looking as if she were being interrogated. The Newman patriarch was standing in front of her. Could it be that Victor is going to torture Chloe the same way she did to his son Adam? Does he have it in him to take justice into his own hands, and make Chloe disappear forever?

The viewers knew all along that Victor had Chloe in his clutches

Chloe fled the country on the Newman jet, courtesy of Victor.

He helped her escape because he did not want her to expose his role in the events that led to the death of his son. When Victor later told his family that he did not know where his pilot had taken Chloe, many fans believed he was lying. After all, it's his jet. How could he not keep up with where it had landed? And when Mr. Newman abruptly left town without telling his loved ones where he was going, many viewers' eyebrows were raised. They voiced their belief that Victor had Chloe stashed away somewhere. Now that we know it's true, what does this mean for the woman who blew up the cabin with Victor Newman's son inside?

What will be Chloe's fate?

Victor cannot hold on to Mrs. Fisher indefinitely.

Sooner or later he will have to decide to cut her loose, or make her disappear permanently. He knows that if Chloe tells her story to the authorities, that all of Genoa City will realize that he brought her to town, and that Victor got Chloe released from a mental facility before she was ready. Everything that happened from that point on rests squarely on Mr.

Newman's shoulders. Seeing Chloe seated in that chair is like deja vu for those who witnessed what she did to Adam.

The tables are now turned, but it's not over yet. Mrs. Kevin Fisher is one of only a few people that have ever gotten the upper hand on the great Victor Newman. She just may do it again, so don't think she is down for the count.

"The Young and the Restless" has both Victor and Chloe at points of no return, where they must face the music and atone for their sins. Even if they escape the authorities, they can never get away from what their choices have cost them. Victoria, Nikki, and Nick have already begun shunning Victor, and Chloe has been ripped away from her new husband and her daughter. Chloe's fate is uncertain, but viewers know that Mr. Newman will do all he can to carry out his own brand of justice.