At the end of today's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Kevin and Billy were about to find out which one of them is Bella's biological dad. Both men received mail from Chloe telling them of the possibility that they may have fathered her little girl. When Chloe came back to town, she insisted that Bella's dad was a one night stand. Kevin had a DNA test done which indicated that he was not the father. Billy had no idea until today that Chloe made him a sperm donor, and had herself artificially inseminated.

Was there really a one night stand?

Viewers watched as Chloe unsuccessfully tried to seduce a drunken Billy. -- and later stole a sample of his semen. The last time Chloe and Kevin were together was also on screen. What viewers did not witness was Chloe with her alleged one night stand. The question now would be whether or not there was a one night stand, or, if Chloe was lying. If Billy is not the Baby Daddy, why did a previous DNA test rule out Kevin? Did Chloe somehow change the results?

This is not the first time that Chloe has had issues regarding who fathered a child. She also initially lied about the paternity of Delia, the child she had with Bill. Little Dee Dee died after Adam hit her with his vehicle.

Chloe is a tricky one. The letters she sent Kevin and Billy came from different countries. It won't be long before everyone figures out that Victor Newman helped Chloe. Paul is already questioning the fact that Chloe did not have the skills or money to pull all of this off by herself.

Kevin deserves this

Kevin's life has recently been torn apart.

On the day of his wedding, his bride Chloe ran away when she realizes that Chelsea knew she blew up the cabin with Adam inside. Kevin finding out that he is Bella's father would be the best possible outcome. He has grown to love the little girl, and was helping raise her. Having some stranger come in and whisk Bella away would be cruel.

It would be like losing Delia all over again.

Billy already has his hands full. He and Victoria are co-parenting Katherine and Johnny, plus Billy is a surrogate dad for Vicky's teenage son Reed. He is also reverting to his playboy ways, by taking up with his former sister-in-law Phyllis yet again. Should Billy be the dad, Kevin would probably sue for custody and it would be a big mess. Kevin already pointed out that Billy's skills as a dad were not up to par. Chloe left a note asking her mother Esther to look after Bella but a biological dad trumps the grandmother. So whoever turns out to be the child's Biological Father, there is the potential for things to get really ugly.