The most controversial former “Dance Moms” instructor and star Abby Lee Miller has been sentenced to a year and a day of imprisonment over fraud charges. She admittedly pleads guilty to bankruptcy fraud and Money Laundering. Apparently, she has taken $120,000 worth of Australian currency into such country without reporting it.

Federal Judge ordered Miller of $40,000 fine

A federal Judge in Pittsburgh has ordered Miller to pay a fine of $40,000 and to spend her life in prison for one year and one day during the Tuesday ruling. Further, she has been ordered to spend two more years of probation after she will be released.

According to the prosecutors, Miller tried to cheat all her creditors by hiding $775,000 of her income in a secret bank account while at the same time; her dance studio has also filed for bankruptcy. Another claim from the prosecutor revealed that Miller also brought an amount of $120,000 worth of Australian currency to the US without reporting it.

On the other hand, Miller's lawyer tried to defend her and argued for probation. It has been said that all her creditors were made whole right after the fraud has been discovered. Before her sentence, Miller read her final statement in the court, "I'm certainly ashamed to be meeting you for the first time in this manner."

Miller hid true income, Prosecutors reveal

Prosecutors have revealed that Miller has repeatedly hidden her real income and all future earnings from her TV shows until she filed for bankruptcy recently.

Soon enough, one of the bankruptcy judges saw her on television and further conclude that Miller has been making far more than the income she has initially declared.

Apparently, Miller eventually made an amount of £222,789 of her TV income, but she didn't initially report it until such, a federal investigator found out that she has been hiding nearly £425,466 from all her TV appearances and dance sessions.

On the Tuesday ruling, Miller made an apology, but she added that the way she handled her money wasn't her intention to deceive anyone else, but it is her only way to keep her business running.

The former "Dance Moms" star also revealed that her father had lots of credits and when she took over their dance business, she intended to pay everyone back from pay check to pay check. But further, it became more complicated than she thought, Miller added.

On the other hand, Miller also announced last March that she was leaving the show amidst critics from her students and parents.