Abby Lee Miller is facing jail time soon and two of the moms from “Dance Moms,” Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland, made sure that they were present for the sentencing. The moms of Chloe Lukasiak and Brooke and Paige Hyland were spotted outside the court where the 50-year-old dance instructor, choreographer, and director was set to finally know her fate after she pleaded guilty for her fraud and money laundering cases.

Abby Lee Miller may have made successful stars out of young dancers from very small towns, but she just can’t seem to get along with the moms.

The “Dance Moms” resident teacher is famously known for picking favorites that upset the other moms who were hoping that their kids would get the same praise and attention. Unfortunately, their complaints were mostly ignored.

'Dance Moms' teacher finally faces her sentence

Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland had one thing in common, they both quit “Dance Moms” with their kids because of Abby Lee Miller. Christi and Chloe Lukasiak finally decided to leave the Lifetime show in season 4 after Miller infamously pointed out the “Cowgirl’s Story” actress’ “lazy eye,” not knowing that the young star was actually suffering from Silent Sinus Syndrome, which is a serious medical condition that causes one eye to be smaller than the other.

Chloe Lukasiak has previously revealed to People that her former mentor’s comment was the last straw after being treated unfairly for years. “The reason for leaving the show was my old teacher mocked my eye very bluntly; I was dealing with some serious health issues,” she told the site. "It didn’t feel like it was a good environment for me to be in anymore.

I don’t regret what I did at all.”

The young dancers' moms attended Miller's sentencing

Meanwhile, Kelly, Brooke, and Paige Hyland left “Dance Moms” because of a much more serious matter than just Abby Lee Miller’s mean comments. Kelly and the famously tough teacher finally took their regular arguing to the next level, which led to the filing of charges after Brooke and Paige’s mom shockingly slapped Miller after their very public screaming match at the time.

With these bad experiences with the famously tough teacher, Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland may have attended the sentencing to see what their daughters’ former mentor would receive, however, the hearing will be stretched into a second day, where Miller is expected to address the court.