"Dance Moms" season 7 will not be the same without Abby Lee Miller. The controversial reality star and dance instructor has been sentenced to spend 366 days in prison after the court found her guilty of bankruptcy fraud. Aside from staying in prison, the 50-year old dance instructor was also ordered to pay a $40,000 fine and $120,000 money judgment.

The said money judgment amount was the same amount as the alleged unreported amount in a different currency that she brought into the United States. The "Dance Moms" star reportedly declared bankruptcy in 2010 only to be charged with bankruptcy fraud five years after.

Abby Lee Miller was also accused of hiding up to $750,000 from bankruptcy creditors. Her case was considered to be a big shame on her part, considering that she is a public personality and she has been working with young girls in "Dance Moms." She eventually pleaded guilty in 2016 which came as a shock to the fans and followers of her reality show.

'Dance Moms' diva regrets decision to declare bankruptcy

With her case now considered as one of the most controversial celebrity bankruptcy case frauds in Hollywood, the well-known choreographer has been very vocal in expressing her regret. In hindsight, Abby Lee Miller admitted that she would have never declared bankruptcy if she knew it would lead to her spending 366 days in prison.

She even gave an advice to individuals that she would not recommend declaring bankruptcy.

The Lifetime reality star has 44 days to surrender herself. When asked if she's mentally prepared to spend at least 10 months in prison, the "Dance Moms" celebrity shared that she's just trying to pretend that she's going to be filming a movie in a prison setting for 10 months.

Productive time in prison planned

According to reports, Abby Lee Miller is already busy preparing her activities to keep her busy behind bars. She is reportedly planning to learn a new language - Spanish, read more and start working on a new book. The said activities are intended to make her less scared and sullen to serve time in prison.

Meanwhile, the attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania issued a statement that the defendant structured profits that she earned outside the United States from performances of children. This statement is a direct clap back from the "Dance Moms" seemingly light and easy approach to her upcoming stay in jail. "Dance Moms" season 7 will continue to air with Cheryl Burke top billing the reality series.