Back in the 1980s, there was quite the selection of primetime Soap Opera programs running on a variety of networks that have captured the attention of American TV viewers for years on end. One of these stalwarts was ABC’s “Dynasty,” created by Aaron Spelling.

The show focused on a wealthy yet dysfunctional Denver oiling family, the Carringtons, and the chain of events both unfortunate and otherwise that stem from the family patriarch Blake (John Forsythe) planning to marry his former secretary Krystelle Jennings (Linda Evans). “Dynasty” was typical rich-world interpersonal conflict at its finest, rivaled only by “Dallas” from CBS.

And close to three decades from its ending, the soap is now going to be revived on The CW.

A reboot with diversity

The CW has tapped Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, creators of the network’s teen drama series “Gossip Girl,” along with “Revenge” showrunner Sallie Patrick, in order to produce a revival of the iconic primetime soap. Aaron Spelling’s original co-creators, Richard and Esther Shapiro, are also collaborating on the production of the new “Dynasty.” This project was made possible by CBS, which owns half of The CW and the entirety of the Spelling TV series library.

No comprehensive cast list has been made yet. However, four names have been given to star in the soap reboot. The CW is planning to give the mature ensemble of characters from the original “Dynasty” and age lift of sorts with a younger and more diversified cast.

Grant Show, a veteran of another Spelling creation in “Melrose Place,” Elizabeth Gillies from the FX comedy “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll,” Nathalie Kelley (“The Vampire Diaries”) and James McKay (“The Leftovers”) have all been cast to breathe new life into the Carrington-Colby family feud of old.

It’s interesting to note that Peruvian-American actress Nathalie Kelley is to play a character named Cristal, whose background according to released information on the reboot as "a Hispanic woman who marries into a WASP family and America's most powerful class." It’s quite likely that “Cristal” is the updated version of Krystelle Jennings from the original “Dynasty” series, who gets married into the Carrington family.

Show Recap

The original “Dynasty” on ABC was quite memorable for its now rather dated soap-opera conventions, from its melodramatic tone, expensive clothing fashions, and amusing women-to-women combat scenes (catfights). It ran from 1981 to 1989, had a brief spinoff (“The Colbys,” 1985-87) and a two-part miniseries (“Dynasty: the Reunion”) that ended the narrative.

The CW’s reboot of the classic Aaron Spelling soap joins other endeavors in the network’s planned fall lineup, which includes a season renewal for “iZombie” and a new DC superheroes series, “Black Lightning”.