"Chicago Fire" fans are not impressed. After initially sharing that the show would stick to a Tuesday night lineup, the network has decided to change its night after all. The change sees other shows getting swapped around, and NBC is still to explain why. There are plenty of theories, especially considering the shows and the timeslots that have changed. It does mean "Chicago Fire" season 6 will wait an extra two days before airing its premiere.

NBC opts to switch 'Chicago Fire' and 'This Is Us'

Initially, NBC decided to move "This Is Us" to Thursday nights.

Fans weren't happy, as it would mean the sophomore show was facing against the final season of "Scandal." There were many who believed the ABC Shonda Rhimes drama would succeed.

Once ABC announced its fall 2017 schedule, NBC has gone back to the drawing board. Possibly due to the decision for the final season of "Scandal," the network opted to move "This Is Us" back to its Tuesday 9 p.m. slot. Many fans rejoiced until they learned that "Chicago Fire" was moving too. Rather than following the younger show (as it did last season) it will now go head-to-head with another Rhimes drama, "How to Get Away with Murder," as well as CBS' new show "S.W.A.T."

Mixed feelings about the unexpected change

This isn't the first time NBC has made a change to its initial plans this season.

After initially declaring "Timeless" canceled, the network changed its mind after hearing the support from the fans. The time-travelling drama was placed for a summer 2018 lineup instead.

The most recent change with "Chicago Fire" moving to Thursdays at 10 p.m. has made many fans questions the brains behind the network. There has been some horrible planning and bad decisions, and fans aren't sure whether this is a bad sign for the "One Chicago" drama.

Is it possible that the network is losing faith in the franchise, especially considering it canceled freshman "Chicago Justice?"

Fans question the change

There are theories that the move is to help go up against ABC's planned Shondaland firefighter drama, which will be a spinoff from "Grey's Anatomy." This firefighter drama isn't planning until the midseason and there are currently no indications on the night it will air.

Another theory is that NBC wasn't sure how "This Is Us" would hold up when Thursday Night Football comes along. There are just seven weeks before the show would be interrupted. A show in its sixth season is more likely to fair better with that shorter first half than a sophomore show.