While “Chicago Justice” may have been cancelled, there are still three other shows that make up the “One Chicago” franchise. Now fans want to know when they will return to the network. NBC hasn’t released the full details of the upcoming fall 2017 schedule just yet, but that doesn’t mean an educated guess can’t be made. These dates are based on last season’s premiere dates.

‘Chicago Fire’ back in October

There are high chances that the first of the four shows will return with its sixth season in October. Last season it returned on October 11. NBC has confirmed that “Chicago Fire” season 6 will keep its Tuesday night slot in the fall.

It is highly likely that the show will return on October 10.

Fans want to see the fire fighter show return sooner. Season 5 ended with a major cliffhanger, leaving Casey, Mouch, and Herrmann trapped in a burning building.

There is no way out and Mouch has had a heart attack. Fans aren’t sure whether any of them can be saved. It certainly looks possible that one will die at least, with fans believing that Mouch will be the victim since it was his last shift anyway.

‘Chicago P.D.’ back in September

The second “One Chicago” show will return for its fifth season in the fall 2017 schedule. This show returned at the end of September last year, so will likely premiere around the same time this year. The likely date will be around September 27, as NBC has confirmed that the show will keep its Wednesday night slot.

Fans have just found out that Sophia Bush is leaving the show. She was last seen on a bridge ignoring ex-boyfriend Jay’s calls, as she weighed up the decision over taking the job offer in New York with the FBI or not. It looks like she will accept the job, making it possible for her to return as a guest star now and then. This could open the door for Jon Seda to return to “Chicago P.D.

” now that “Justice” has been cancelled.

‘Chicago Med’ not returning until the midseason

While “Justice” is officially cancelled, Chicago Med” is getting pushed back. It wasn’t announced in the fall 2017 schedule, despite fans hoping that it would keep its Thursday night slot. It will air sometime in the midseason lineup, likely in January or February.

“Med” will start from the moment that the season finale ended. The cliffhanger ending saw Dr. Daniel Charles get shot by one of his former patients. There are now major questions over whether he will be saved or die. Is this the end for the caring doc?

There are plenty of questions surrounding all shows in the “One Chicago” franchise, including the cancelled “Justice.” Right now, we can only take a guess at the return dates, based on the previous year. NBC will announce the exact dates sometime in the summer.