Camilla Thurlow was allegedly Prince Harry’s former fling. She is one of the many aspirants hoping to win love and money in the new season of "Love Island." Right now, everyone is anticipating if the former Miss Edinburgh will reveal something about her alleged relationship with the Prince.

Old flame

The return of "Love Island" on TV starting June 5 brings extra excitement for the fans. The involvement of Prince Harry's former flame Camilla Thurlow is one of the highlights of the show's return. Reportedly, the 27-year old former beauty queen was the prince fling three years ago. There were speculations that the wannabee might reveal something about her previous flame as the dating show progress.

There is an air of anticipation that Camilla might spill out some details about her previous affair with the prince. The 32-year old might also follow the show's new season if there is really something to reveal. Even the showrunners are anticipating that Camilla will hand the viewers first-hand information about their rumored time together.

There were plenty of speculations right now even if the show has not yet started. Among those include the alleged one night stand the bikini model had with Prince Harry. It is also worth noting that Caroline Flack, the host of “Love Island” was also linked with the prince and they were seen several times dating in 2009. She is set to return to the hit reality TV series with a 90-minute season premiere on Monday.

Moving on and living the present

Camilla Thurlow joining the new set of the dating reality series' wannabes will surely add thrill to the show. However, fans of the royals are reluctant about her since her past might have an adverse effect to Prince Harry and his current girlfriend Meghan Markle. Several reports claim that the couple is moving stronger with their relationship.

In fact, speculations about a potential engagement are rife all over the Internet. Rekindling old issues might burn present relationships. The issue about Prince Harry and Camilla are mere speculations and the prince has not confirmed nor denied it.

If there is something that Camilla would like to reveal in "Love Island" it is more about opening up herself to the people and not about her past relationships.

The succeeding episodes of the hit dating reality series will surely be closely monitored by the fans of the royal, Markle's fans, and Camila's fans. Let us just hope that people will not be used for self-gains and rating purposes.

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