Viewers fell in love with Britt Nilsson on "The Bachelor." Things didn't work out with her and Chris Soules, but it is now being revealed that Britt has found love and is engaged. Us Magazine shared the details about the proposal and her new man. I guess we can count her out for the upcoming "Bachelor in Paradise" cast. The fans were hoping to watch her find love again, but are at least happy that she found her man.

Who is the lucky guy?

Britt Nilsson is now engaged to her boyfriend, Jeremy Byrne. She announced the big news on her Instagram page yesterday to her fan.

Britt posted a picture of the two together along with the caption "It's official!!!! can't get over how much I love youuuuu ok I'll stop posting now ." It is obvious she couldn't be more excited! No details are out yet on when Britt and Jeremy will be getting married but don't expect a television wedding since he wasn't on the show at all.

Britt also shared a few more details about the engagement. She said that she had no clue it was coming, which always makes for the best type of engagement. Britt called it the "best day of my life." He really did things right. It was shared that Byrne flew to L.A. to Detroit, Michigan, to visit Nilsson's dad to get his blessing. He told Britt that he was going to be camping with cousins, but that wasn't the truth, of course.

They already live together and he proposed to her at their home. He had candles and white flower petals all over. It sounds like he did a great job making it a romantic proposal for her. The fans really hope that Britt continues to share what is going on during the wedding preparations.

Details on the happy couple

If you remember, Britt Nilsson was dating Brady Troops of Bachelor Nation.

They split last year and when it was over she started dating Jeremy Bryne. Britt was almost "The Bachelorette," but didn't get the votes to do it and it sounds like that was a blessing. She found her true love without doing a reality show. Things also didn't work out with Chris Soules while on the show "The Bachelor." Now, Britt has found the perfect man for her and the fans couldn't be happier for her.

Are you excited to hear that Britt Nilsson is engaged? Were you hoping to see her on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Rachel Lindsay as "The Bachelorette" on Monday nights on ABC. It will be followed up by another season of "Bachelor in Paradise" that will air this summer on ABC.