On the big premiere for this season of "The Bachelorette" 2017, everyone saw that things are going to get pretty wild this season. It turns out that one of the guys trying to win rachel lindsay's heart has a girlfriend he left behind at home. This is going to cause a huge upset of course. Now, Heavy has revealed who the Guy is that left someone at home and may just be pretending to find love.

What guy is obviously there for the wrong reasons?

It turns out that Reality Steve has been able to figure out who has a girlfriend and it is DeMario Jackson.

Why you would join the show if you are in love, I have no idea, but he is probably looking for fame. He is one of the four guys that Rachel Lindsay got to meet on "After the Final Rose." Chris Harrison even made it sound like Jackson might be there for the wrong reasons, and if he has a girlfriend at home, it is obvious he isn't there to find love.

Raven Gates actually told Rachel she didn't care for him and Whitney felt he might not be there to find love. DeMario Jackson actually teased Rachel with tickets to Las Vegas so they could elope, but of course, she didn't go for it. It was a very cute way to meet her, though. He did make it through night one, but once Rachel finds out the truth about him you know he will be sent packing.

So what is the story with him?

Okay, this story is a bit crazy. It turns out that DeMario Jackson joined the show, but he may have failed to tell his girlfriend where he was going. Nobody knows if she realizes he is off trying to find love. He actually didn't go through the application process to be on the show. Someone came up to him at a Chipolte and thought he would be a great match for "The Bachelorette" and talked to him about joining the show.

This means they probably didn't check out his background quite as much as the other guys who turned in their own application.

DeMario did share that he loves attention. He said, "I won't lie, I love attention, not like '07 B. Spears attention or 2011 Sheen. Natural attention." Being on a reality show like this one is a great way to get attention, but seeing that he left a girlfriend at home it might not be the kind of attention he wanted.

Who knows what he is trying to do by being on the series.

Are you shocked to hear that DeMario Jackson left a girlfriend behind at home? Did you think that he might be the guy for Rachel Linsday? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelor" 2017 on Monday nights on ABC.