It is almost time for a new season of "Bachelor in Paradise, " and Chase McNary shared a huge twist for the upcoming season. He hasn't confirmed if he will be there or not, but Perez Hilton revealed what Chase had to say about the upcoming season. The fans would love to see Chase get his chance to find love again.

What did Chase reveal?

Chase McNary was on "The Tomorrow Show, " and he revealed some pretty big news. It turns out that Chase was out at a bar one night when he ran into someone that said they were in the running to be on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer.

The crazy thing is this guy isn't someone that Chase knew from Bachelor Nation. So what is this big twist?

Chase explained the details saying, "He said he was in the top 5 finalists for interviews…Yeah he was a taller darker handsome, dimples and stuff…he seemed pretty sincere. He was really sincere in asking if it was a good move for himself….I said…Only good things usually come from it…I mean, I started probing around I haven't confirmed nor denied, but the dude seemed pretty legit…They're stretching for something to keep it creative." Chase is right when he explains that they have to change things up so it will make everyone want to watch.

This could bring in some new people to find love with past contestants of the show.

This does sound like a pretty good twist, but so far Chase is the only one to confirm this news at all. This guy could have just been messing with him, but only time will tell. It does sound like something they would do to make sure "Bachelor in Paradise" stays interesting. They have to keep the viewers coming back.

'Bachelor' has another new show coming as well

It turns out that "Bachelor in Paradise" possibly changing things up isn't the only thing going on right now with "The Bachelor" franchise. It was also revealed that a new show called "The Bachelor Winter Games" is coming soon. This new show is going to put people who were on the show before against each other in a huge competition.

No word yet on if they will win money or not, but it sounds like another great show. It won't start airing until February of 2018. It will actually be on at the same time as the Winter Olympics. It really sounds a lot like "Bachelor Pad," but it is a little bit different. They are also going to try to find love on the show, so it should just be single people joining this one.

Are you shocked to hear that they may be bringing in other people for next season of "Bachelor in Paradise"? Do you think that Chase should come back? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Rachel Lindsay as "The Bachelorette" when it starts airing on Monday, May 22 on ABC. The viewers can't wait to see if she is able to find love this season on the show.