The red carpet is ready to showcase the characters of "General Hospital" for its much awaited Nurses Ball. The event is getting more exciting as Mario Lopez will offer first-hand information about the fashion trends and highlights of the yearly gathering.

It's time to party!

The anticipation of what could take place in the Nurses Ball of "General Hospital" is getting higher. Spoilers showed that Carly (Laura Wright) would set aside all her issues with Sonny (Maurice Bernard) to enjoy the party. Together with Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman), she will have an incredible night of her life.

Carly with two of her friends intends to make the Nurses Ball a memorable one for them.

Griffin Confronts Anna

Meanwhile, Anna (Finola Hughes) will find herself cornered by Griffin (Matt Cohen). The latter is concerned about the welfare of his friend. Griffin wants to find out the real deal between her and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), as it is obvious to him that there is something awkward happening between the two. She needs the help of Valentin in order to prevent a disaster from occurring. However, it looks like she will exert more effort to win him over in the coming episodes of "General Hospital."

The task would be more difficult especially now that Valentin's main concern is to acquire Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) forgiveness.

His desire to bring his family back together will start by showing Nina how much he loves her and does the right thing to save what they had before. There is a possibility that Nina will not give in to what Valentin is expecting. For her, she is still uncertain if they can resolve their previous issues. It can be recalled that Valentin betrayed Nina.

Other scenes for the upcoming episode

On the other hand, Ava (Maura West) is hoping that she could present a large check at the Nurses Ball, which is actually under the name of Morgan (Bryan Craig). Scott (Kin Shriner) feels off about this and tries to convince Ava to withdraw what she is planning to do. Ava is determined to pursue her hopes not knowing that what she is about to do is too risky.

Eventually, her move will lead to Morgan's death. Ava will soon face the consequences of her mistake.

Meanwhile, Jason (Billy Miller) had a terrifying dream about Helena (Constance Towers) and he can't just simply ignore as it keeps on bugging his thoughts. Sam (Kelly Monaco) told him that his anxiety is baseless but Jason really felt that a disaster is just on the horizon. Jason's premonition is accurate because Jake (Hudson West) is preparing for a terrible act.

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