"General Hospital" fans have been saddened to hear that veteran actress Jane Elliot is retiring. Speculation has revolved around how Tracy Quartermaine would exit Port Charles. The favorite scenario has Tracy reuniting with her lost love, Luke Spencer. Anthony Geary, who portrayed Luke, retired a few years back. A few hours ago a spolier was posted online that gives away the final days of Tracy Quartermaine, and it's a worthy send-off for the talented Jane Elliot.

Tracy Quartermaine's current situation

On Monday's episode of "GH," Tracy's ex Lord Ashton dropped by with a proposition.

He claimed to have information about a rare painting, that was once owned by Tracy's dad, Edward Quartrmaine. Not desiring to be scammed by her ex, Tracy did some research on her own. She found out that the 20 million dollar painting is real, and in a monastery in Turkey. So Tracy's current situation has her positioned to make a serious decision.

Yesterday Tracy found out that her good friend Laura Spencer just so happens to speak Turkish. Today, Laura decided to accompany Tracy to Turkey, to reclaim her family heirloom, and this is where the plot thickens. Both Laura and Tracy have been married to Luke Spencer, and bonded over the fact that Luke loves 'em and leaves 'em. Now to why loyal fans need to get our their handkerchiefs.

Luke on 'General Hospital'

When Tony Geary left "General Hospital," he said he would only return for something big. Well, you can't get much bigger than a reunion for Luke and Tracy. Ironically, in the 1980's, and until not so long ago, Luke and Laura Spencer were a super couple. Laura has now moved on with Dr. Kevin Collins.

It's interesting that she now will be leading her best friend to a reunion with her ex, who was Laura's ex first. Perhaps Luke will give his blessing to Laura and Kevin before he rides off into the sunset with his "Spanky Buns."

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Tracy and Laura are going on a "Thelma and Louise" type journey, as they seek the painting, and at the end of the search, Tracy will find her pot of gold. Rumor has it that Anthony Geary will leave retirement, and he will be at the end of Ms. Quartermine's rainbow. What a fitting send-off for Tracy and Jane.