Tracy Angelica Quartermaine — an angel she is not. Her life has been spent scheming and scamming. She has fought and clawed her way to the top at the family business, "ELQ." her love life has been tumultuous, and many people hate her. Today on "General Hospital," a near-death experience seems to have given Tracy a Change Of Heart.

Death becomes her

Tracy is the only known daughter of the late Edward Quartermaine, and his wife Lila. A woman showed up on her doorstep recently, with deep blue eyes. Tracy suspects that her father may have cheated on her mother and that Samira may be her half sister.

Tracy secretly is waiting on the results of a DNA test, but hoping it turns out negative. Samira is seeking a portrait that Edward left for Tracy, one that is worth 20 million dollars.She plans to sell it and use the proceeds to rescue her daughter who has been kidnapped.

Today, Tracy panicked, and without the results planned to steal the painting and leave the country. while she was visiting the family crypt, she had a bump on her head that knocked her out. She had a vision that she was dead, and her life was being judged. One scene in particular really troubled the Quartermaine heir.

She relived the scene where her father Edward had a heart attack and was asking for his medication. Rather than help her father, Tracy stood over him, begging not to be cut from the will.

This near-death experience seems to have given Port Charles a new and improved Tracy Quartermaine.

Will the change stick?

Tracy emerged with a new attitude and announced to her family that she was going to give the painting to Samira. Viewers know that they are watching the last days of Jane Elliot portraying Tracy on "General Hospital,' so it's likely the change will stick.

The writers may have a kinder gentler Tracy exit the daytime drama, but we can't be sure. The bad girl is the one fans have come to know and love, so changing her too much would not be true to the character.

With less than a week until her exit, "GH" still has not revealed how Ms. Quartermaine's big send-off will take place.

Because of this, there are still viewers holding out for a Luke Tracy reunion. The suspense is building, as the final countdown begins. Tracy should give the painting to Samira, but having her suddenly become a saint, and making amends to everyone would be a bit much.

More than likely, "General Hospital," has surprise ending they are keeping under wraps, but fans won't have to wait long to find out what it is.

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