It looks like the "General Hospital" spoiler alerts on Celebrity Dirty Laundry were wrong. Tracy Quartermaine and Laura Spencer did travel to the Middle East. They came back from Turkey, however, without Luke Spencer in tow. The duo did not have the promised Thelma and Louise adventure, and the only thing they brought to Port Charles that did not leave town with them, was a painting. It was of a woman who looked like a younger version of Tracy.

Spoiler alerts and rumors unfounded

It has been reported for several months now that Jane Elliot will be leaving her role as the divine Ms.

Q. Fans were wondering what type of exit would be befitting for Quartermaine royalty. Viewers awaited the big reveal in Turkey, where Luke and his "Spanky buns" were reunited. Fans were let down, because Mr. Spencer was a no-show.

Laura and Tracy had a rather boring encounter with the monks. They thought they heard a woman crying, but never investigated. Now they have returned home, with neither hide nor hair of Luke, and there is no current story line that seems intriguing enough to send Lady Jane on her way. How could such a thing happen? Spoiler alerts and rumors regarding soaps usually pan out.

Will Anthony Geary disappoint?

Although the Turkey trip did not go as fans expected, Tony Geary's name continues to be relevant.

Supposedly he was on the "GH" set as Jane/Tracy was filming her scenes. Still, everything is hush hush as to the date when Tracy will exit, and how Luke fits into the equation. At this point, nothing is known for certain. There is a photo on the ABC Soap's In Depth website of Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller) with "GH" producer Frank Valentini on one side, and Tony Geary on the other.

No details were given as to why he was on the set. Geary could have been on hand to support his former co-star and send Jane Elliot off in style. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fans of Tracy and Luke no doubt desire his presence to indicate that he is a part of her final episodes. It looks as if speculating will do no good. "GH" is keeping all the details under wraps.

Viewers can only trust that something memorable will take place to end Tracy Quartermaine's days in Port Charles. Whatever is going on, "GH" is keeping it close to the hip.

This is one of those situations where fans are going to have to watch closely. There are several loose ends that should be tied up before Tracy makes her exit. Who is the woman in the painting, and why does she look so much like Tracy? Who was the woman Laura and Tray heard weeping, and what is her connection on the show? There should be more answers than questions when Jane Elliot takes her final bow.