Ridge Forester has been lusting after his father's wife for some time now on "The Bold and the Beautiful." They have only shared a few kisses, but the desire they have for each other is evident. When his fiancé Brooke saw him kissing Quinn, she called off the wedding. Eric is wondering what is going on but no one will tell him. The secret has to come out, and the most likely person to snitch is Katie.

Katie Logan's reason for snitching

Once upon a time Katie was married to Bill Spencer and her sister Brooke was married first to Eric Forester and later to his son Ridge.

Through a twist of fate, the couples made a switch. Katie and Ridge married while Brooke became entangled with Bill. During her time as Mrs. Bill Spencer, Katie was always in the shadow of her big sister. Her marriage to Bill crumbled because he could not get over Brooke. Now that she is single, Katie has been spending time with Eric, and grown close to him. She hates what's being kept from him.

Katie has the least to lose by snitching. When the secret comes out, no matter who reveals it, there will be repercussions. Ridge will lose the love and respect of his father, plus his position as co-CEO of Forester Creations. Brooke will lose Eric's respect and he will be devastated because he practically begged her to tell him why she did not marry Ridge.

Quinn has worked so hard to prove she is no longer devious. Eric trusted her and got his family to come around. All that progress, her position at Forester, and her marriage will be gone.

Katie will be seen as the hero, because she is not mixed up in the sordid events. Should she be the one to tell Eric what is going on, he will thank her.

It's possible, that after he throws Quinn out, his feelings for Katie will blossom. Katie and Brooke will then have the distinction of being sisters who were with 3 of the same men.

The passion can't be contained

Ridge and Quinn cannot seem to stay apart. They have tried, but have been unable to stop making eyes at each other.

They cannot keep their lips from locking and will not stop touching each other. It's only a matter of time before they give in to their passion. And this is when everything will hit the fan. Katie might be the one who catches them in the act, which could push her to tell Eric the truth. However the affair is revealed, Katie Logan will be waiting with open arms for her chance with Eric Forester.