Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful," who were on board for a Forrester/Spectra union were disappointed today. Sally Spectra pushed Thomas Forrester away, and he took the bait. The duo has been getting to know each other, shared a few kisses, and Sally even flew to Australia to join Thomas at Steffy's wedding. Unfortunately, Miss Spectra chose business over pleasure.

The declaration of love

On Friday at the end of the episode, Thomas tells Sally that he loves her. Fans hoped she would admit that she is smitten with him as well, but Sally has some baggage.

Her grandmother's sister was the original Sally Spectra, who made a living by stealing designs from the Forrester's. Sally's grandma has decided that she should resurrect the knockoff business. Saul, who works with the Spectra's has put camera's in a necklace and a brooch that was given to Sally's little sister Coco, who is a Forrester intern. They are going to get photo's of Forrester originals, tweak them and make them their own. Sally's family needs the money but she does not desire to deceive Thomas.

Ms. Spectra meets with the dashing young Forrester and tells him they cannot be together because he has a son. She insists that he go to New York and reunite with Caroline Spencer, his baby's mama, and their young son.

When he declares his love, it breaks her heart. She tells Thomas it will never work because they are from opposite sides of the tracks. Thomas insists several times that he does not believe Sally. She finally convinces him, by repeating over and over that he should just go. And so he does. He walks away, and Sally sits crying over the love she lost.

Will all be lost?

Should the Forrester clan find out about a new generation of Spectra's stealing from them, fur will fly, literally. They will of course first suspect young Coco who is completely innocent. She has no idea she is being used. Sally is torn between two loves, the desire to stay true to her family roots, and the love of Thomas Forrester.

Both Sally and Coco will be blamed, and it will probably take a long time before it's all sorted out. All is not lost if the entire truth comes out. Will there be a happy ending for Thomas and Sally? Will CoCo and Thomas's little brother R.J. Forrester have a chance at true love? It's possible but will be a long time in the making. With everyone in the Forrester family just waiting for a shoe to drop, so they can cry foul regarding the Spectra's, anything and everything is possible.