On today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Coco Spectra became the scapegoat. The Forester clan are placing the blame on her for the sins of her sister and grandmother. Unbeknownst to Coco, her loved ones planted camera's in her jewelry, and spied on the creations of the Forester family. Sally and crew then tweaked the designs, and had a fashion show. Those in attendance were none the wiser. Sally Spectra was a hit and orders are pouring in.

Coco's tale

Coco seeks answers from her grandmother, who admits the truth. A broach and necklace that was given to her had tiny camera's planted inside.

Grandma and Saul were able to see the Forester designs up close, and the team made copies of them. Coco assures R.J. that she is as much a victim as his family is. He believes Coco, who says she had no idea she was being used. The rest of the Forester clan has different reactions. They circled her like a gang of vultures, and kicked the youngest Spectra to the curb. Ridge, Rick, Maya, Thomas, Brook and Steffy all showed no sympathy, but only contempt for the teenager.. They are out for blood, and Coco is the first victim. Tearfully, Coco tells R.J. goodbye, and gets on the elevator. Her internship, as well as her budding romance with young Forester, are now a thing of the past.

The battle of Spectra and Forester

Young Coco is caught up in a battle that has been going on long before she came on the scene. The original Sally Spectra (her great aunt) made a living as a knock-off artist. She tweaked Forester creations, sold them for less, and made her mark. Young Sally came to town intending to make the Spectra name great.

She wanted to be known as a designer in her own right. Coco was supposed to intern with the Foresters, and all would be well.

The Forester's were leery of Coco Spectra from the beginning. They were concerned that history would repeat itself, and now it has. The sins of great aunt Sally, grandma, and young Sally have fallen straight at Coco's feet.

The youngest Spectra and the youngest Forester were building a relationship. True love was about to bloom for these innocents. Now, that innocence has been replaced with the feud between the families.

What the future holds

The Foresters want to sue the Spectras and stop them from profiting from the stolen designs. Jared Maxwell wants to expose the whole sordid affair, so his boss Bill Spencer can own the Spectra building. Saul is secretly in love with Sally. Thomas and Sally and J.R. and Coco are star-crossed lovers whose futures are uncertain. For now, Coco is the scapegoat, torn between the betrayal of her family, and the Foresters who feel betrayed by them all.