"Prison Break" Season 5 airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Fox. It continues the saga of brothers Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield. This new season has Michael in jail in Yemen. His wife Sarah has remarried and is raising their son Michael with her new husband. After 8 years, Michael has found a way to communicate with his family from another nation. He continues to use origami as his method. This past Tuesday was the third episode of the new season.

The new season is different

The comradery that developed between everyone during the four previous seasons did not return with number five.

All the key players have gone their own separate ways, and seem disconnected from each other. Linc and C Note are together in Yemen trying to plan a prison break for Michael. They have been joined by a new cast of characters who have not yet become endeared to the audience. Perhaps it is because so much of the action takes place in Yemen, and not prisons in North or South America – that is the biggest difference. A lot of the dialog is not in English and difficult to follow. And ISIS is a factor.

Sarah's new husband seems out of place and clueless about what is going on. He was shot in the first episode of the new season. He is now recovering in the hospital, as Sarah is reconnecting with her past.

She is running from a hit man and woman, sent by someone named Poseidon.

There is also the issue of young Michael, who is now asking questions about his biological dad. T bag seems to be the one character who has remained the same. He now has a new prosthetic for his missing hand. He keeps reaching out to Sarah, who for good reason rejects him.

At the end of this episode, she realized she had no choice, but to accept his help, as Daniel Kellerman seems to be working for the enemy. Sucre showed up in the first episode but has not appeared in the second and third. Season 5 is vastly different but will probably catch on quick with the fans.

Is it Michael or Kaniel?

The character who is assumed to be Michael Scofield is going by the name Kaniel Outis.

The big question is whether or not Michael has actually changed his identity, or if he is pretending to be a killer. Kaniel Outis is the one who paid a million dollars for T Bag's new hand. There are a lot of dots that need connecting in the next 6 episodes. As "Prison Break" goes at a very fast pace, based on the previous show, it will all work out in the end. Fans should hang in there because all will be revealed.