New girl in town

Tessa, played by Cait Fairbanks, first appeared on "Y&R" on March 24th when she was spotted by Nikki Newman singing on the patio at Crimson Lights. The matriarch of the Newman family was quickly impressed with her musical talents, and moments later Tessa was on her way to the ranch appointed Reed's new guitar instructor.

Ever since then, Tessa has slowly become increasingly involved with the Newmans, both personally and professionally. In just over a month, she has been Reed's music teacher, Nikki Newman's personal assistant, then default babysitter of Christian Newman.

What does anyone know about Tessa and her past? Was Tessa meeting a Newman by chance, or was it calculated? When Victor questioned Nikki regarding what she know about this new girl in their home, Nikki brushed him off. During the past month, Tessa has been mostly cagey about her background. She has opened herself up to certain people like Sharon, and claimed to have had a "rough life" in her past.

At this point in time, Tessa appears sincere about making connections with the Newmans. Although she seems very awe-struck by the wealth around her, viewers have overheard her on the phone with an unknown person bragging about about the new rich people in her life. Is that person just a friend of Tessa, or are they involved in a conspiracy?

Is Tessa a plant?

This would not be the first time an enemy of the Newman family has planted someone in the home to wreak havoc on their lives. Could it be Jack Abbott? He still has not gotten over Victor's machinations that led to his divorce from Phyllis. Could it be Ian Ward from behind bars? Or, could it be any one of the numerous enemies of the Newman family?

So far, things are going smoothly between Tessa and the Newman family. She has become an indispensable part of their lives in the last month. There is something about Tessa that leaves a sense of unease with the viewer. Her admiration for the Newman wealth contrasts with envy. She has made comments to Sharon about Reed getting lavish gifts like guitars and a sports car from grandpa Victor.

Her "hard past" has given her a hard edge that comes out occasionally in certain statements.

If Tessa is not working with an enemy of the Newman's, what is her agenda? Is she in cahoots with the stranger on the phone to get their hands on some of the Newman money? Or, is she just a lonely girl looking for love and acceptance into a family? We will have to watch and see what the "Y&R" writers have in store for the viewers with this new character. Rest assured, there will be an unexpected twist.