Traveling these days can be very stressful and sometimes even dangerous. Women traveling alone can be especially vulnerable to anyone looking to prey on tourists. Although there have been many Travel calamities in the news recently, that should in no way discourage women from enjoying a little "me time" in the world.

Tips for solo female travelers

  • Do not bring anything valuable with you on your trip. If any of your material possessions are prized, or have any sentimental value to you, the best way to make sure you keep it is to keep it at your home base, be it your home alarm system, safe deposit box, etc.
  • Buy a nice looking but inexpensive purse. If you walk around in a strange city with a designer purse, it will draw attention to you and thieves may target you. You also should get a purse with a long enough strap to go over your head so thieves cannot snatch it.
  • Keep your passport and/or ID in a safe place until you need it. Just in case you do get mugged, you do not want to go through the nightmare of proving your identity for a replacement ID or passport so you can return home.
  • Learn to use your peripheral vision. This is a "city girl" tip. Be aware of who's around you and their proximity to you.
  • Keep a small emergency cash stash on your person. Keep a small amount of currency hidden in your clothes away from your purse. You can keep the cash in your bra or a sock, anywhere pickpockets cannot access. Keep enough for cab fare or a phone call just in case you need it.
  • Be wary of anyone that's too nice or too helpful. Take it with a grain of salt if anyone is overly eager to help you. Some petty thieves look for tourists that look lost, and swoop in with an offer to help. These types of people sometimes work in teams to lead a tourist somewhere where they can take their valuables and cash, or do something even worse. Sometimes it really is a nice helpful person, but the best bet for your safety is not to trust anyone you don't know. Before your trip, read up about your destination and download some GPS maps of the area on your phone so you don't stand out as an out-of-towner that is lost.
  • Do not wear sexy clothes while walking alone at night. This is just common sense.
  • Inform your loved ones of your itinerary. Give them information about your hotel, flights, etc., just incase they need to reach you.

Solo travel can be rewarding

Traveling alone can be a great experience for anyone as long as they practice common safety procedures. There is noting better than following your own schedule, and seeing what you want, when you want. A few days to yourself can be great for clearing your head and can reduce everyday stress.