The long-estranged mother of Jack, Ashley, and Tracey Abbott has returned to genoa city. The sale of her corporation Mergeron Cosmetics to Hamilton Winters, Neil and Devon's new startup company has brought her character back into the limelight. Since discovering the news of the sale online, Jack and Ashley Abbott have wondered if their mother is trying to send a message to them. Jack and Ashley requested updates from Neil regarding the sale. Then, Ashley returned home to find Dina in the Abbott living room unannounced and uninvited.

Dina's backstory

Recent fans of the "Young and the Restless" may not know the story behind the former Abbott matriarch. When the Abbotts first appeared in Genoa City in 1982, John Abbott was a divorced single father and Dina had abandoned the children years before. John Abbott's first wife, played by Marla Adams, first appeared in 1983 as cosmetics mogul Marcel Mergeron's widow. However, Dina was not interested in a reunion with her children. She tried to conceal her identity while making a failed attempt at buying Jabot Cosmetics out from under John. Dina had also revealed then that Ashley's father was not John Abbott, but Brent Davis.

This is not the first time Dina has stirred up some trouble in Genoa City for her former family.

Dina and Ashley were both romantically involved with painter Eric Garrison. Ashley was devastated when she found a painting of Dina signed "All my love, Eric" revealing the sordid tryst. Ashley was furious and ended her relationship with Garrison and eventually fell in love with Mark Mergeron, Dina's stepson!

Mergeron Cosmetics sale

Why did Dina Mergeron choose to sell her company to Hamilton Winters? Neil and Devon made a trip to Paris for a meeting regarding the sale. Although Dina seemed mildly interested in the offer, she did not consider the new company until Devon revealed he was the grandson of Catherine Chancellor, Dina's old friend in Genoa City.

Did she purposely choose to sell her company to these Genoa City residents in order to get herself back on her children's radar? Ashley's emotional defenses are certainly armed in her mother's presence.

What kind of trouble will Dina stir up this time? When Jill Atkinson, John Abbott's second wife and past adversary returns home, will there be a catfight in homage to the late Catherine Chancellor? Or will Dina try to seduce young Ravi, who currently has eyes for Ashley? Anything is possible in Genoa City!