Things are getting pretty heated on The young and the restless this week. Chelsea (Melissa Clarie Egan) is desperate to find Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson). Chelsea will not rest until her deceitful former best friend is brought to justice for murdering her husband Adam Newman ( Justin Hartley) in a cabin explosion last summer.

Turmoil for Chelsea and Nick

Chelsea initially wanted to believe in Chloe's innocence until she found Adam's wedding ring in Chloe's possession and realized the duplicity of her former best friend. Now devastated knowing that Chloe lived in her home while she planned to kill Adam, the painful memories of Adam's sudden demise came rushing back to Chelsea.

She and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), Adam's half brother and Chelsea's new beau, team up to find Chloe.

Trailing Chloe

Chelsea travels to Napa Valley, California where Chloe was institutionalized. She approached the institution's director with the pretension of being Chloe's sister. After failing to convince the woman to disclose information with a ruse of a family inheritance, Chelsea decides to offer a bribe. That seemed to be enough motivation the director needed to point Chelsea in the right direction. She opens her laptop and starts spilling as Chelsea hands a fistful of cash over to her. She reveals that Chloe may 'hypothetically' have been transferred to an institution in Louisiana. It looks like the next move will be a trip there to further her investigation.

Will Chelsea ever find out the truth about Victor's role in bringing the crazy waif back to Genoa City to frame Adam for the murder of Constance Bingham? Will that revelation have a negative ripple effect throughout town? How will ex-husband Kevin and mother Esther react when they discover the truth about the real circumstances behind her return?

The new relationship between Chelsea and Nick may end abruptly if she finds out Nick kept her in the dark regarding his father's actions.

Chloe is certainly an interesting and complex villain, on one hand she was a caring, loving mother and friend while she was secretly hiding her bloodthirsty plot for revenge. Her grief for little Delia unfortunately has not been diminished by the arrival of Bella.

The crazy, not stupid logic applies to Chloe, since her escape from Genoa City she has been elusive to the authorities. How much longer will she keep eluding justice? Y&R fans stay tuned to find out the conclusion to this exciting storyline.