In June, fans will finally see the return of Orphan BlackSeason 5 on television as the clones are going to face a battle against Neolution. As this will be the show’s final chapter, it will be the last time that fans are going to see Tatiana Maslany taking the roles of Sarah, Alison, Helena, Cosima, and Rachel fighting for their own freedoms.

The show’s latest trailer teased a battle happening in the last ten episodes of the science fiction thriller television series. It also gives fans a glimpse of the show’s previous scenes that will fans quite emotional seeing the clones having a good family relationship.

‘The Final Trip’

From the looks of it, “Orphan Black” Season 5 has a lot of mysteries to be solved as a strange figure appeared in the woods. Also, fans get to see Helena fighting back using a syringe. Alison, too, will be seen being hooded while Krystal is battling with a new mysterious guy.

As the trailer showed a fast turning of events, Felix (Jordan Gavaris) can be seen looking shocked, and fans will finally understand what he just surprisingly saw. The one-minute teaser revealed a lot as Kira is also seen being shoved in the back of a van screaming, “I don’t feel her anymore.”

Cosima also looks better today than the last viewers got to see her, in spite of saying, “You can’t take away my humanity.” Here, she has been seen depressed and crying as she is being frustrated by not having a break.

As things get intense, a lot hope that the clones will make it out alive.

Someone will say goodbye

Evidently, “Orphan Black” Season 5’s trailer hints that someone is bound to say goodbye. The big question now is can the Clone Club’s members survive the dark twist and turn of events in the final chapter. Here, fans will get to see all of them fighting for the family they choose, a new future that they want and for the freedom that they have been longing for.

However, it looks like one or a couple of clones have to take their final bow. In fact, the show’s executive producer Graeme Manson already revealed (per Fandom) that Sarah and Helena are about to go through hell this season. But from the looks of it, the television series’ teaser proved that everyone would have to fight for them to survive.

Just like Beth, there is a big possibility that Sarah will also sacrifice herself for the Clone Club. Although fans want to see Sarah, Alison, Cosima, and Helena survive the fifth season, it seems two of them will not make it out alive.