Every day this week has been gameday on "The Young and the Restless." Rather than being honest, a number of Genoa City residents are playing games with each other that affect the lives of those around them. Today Lilly, Hillary, Jordan, Cain, Julia, Mariah, Devon, Jack, Victoria, and Phyllis were playing games and dancing around subjects that need to come to light.

So many secrets abound

Phyllis has been smiling and extra friendly lately. Jack suspects there is a new man, and asks Phyllis who he is. She refuses to answer, but Jack is not offended.

He told her it was too early in the game, and he did not want to jinx anything, What Phyllis is afraid to say is that she has rekindled her illicit affair with Jack's brother Billy. Downstairs in the same building, Billy's ex Victoria is chatting with him. She also is in the dark about Billy and Phyllis hooking up again. Victoria believes that she and Billy have a chance and may one day remarry. He is trying to decide when is the right time, to tell her the truth.

In an adjoining office is Juliet, Cane, and his wife Lilly. The two women have become fast friends, but Lilly is in the dark about something. She does not know that Cain and Juliet slept together in Tokyo. Cain was drunk and does not remember.

He is nervous that Juliet might tell Lilly the truth, and ruin his marriage. Then we have Jordan the photographer, who is sleeping with Hillary, whose ex Devon is Lilly's brother. Lilly is not picking up on the signals that Jordan really is into her. Hillary is using Jordan to make Devon jealous. Devon is dating Mariah to give the impression that he is moving on, but the two clearly have no chemistry.

It seems most everyone on "Y&R" is keeping loved ones in the dark.

The tangled web of hiding the truth

When the truth comes out, all of these lives and so many more will be affected. "The Young and the Restless" will be filled with hurting individuals. Victoria will be blindsided and Jack will be livid when he learns his ex is at it again.

When Hillary and Devon realize they still love each other, he and Mariah can stop pretending. When Lilly finds out Cain is a cheater, her relationship with Julia will end, and Jordan will be there to comfort Lilly through her pain. Cain just might turn to Juliet, who seems to be waiting for just such a chance. Who will be the first to cry fowl? Which Genoa City resident will have the guts to tell the truth? Perhaps it will all unravel at the same time, and there will be simultaneous fallout.