On "The Young and the Restless," Jack Abbot ended his marriage to Phyllis because she had an affair with his brother Billy. Jack has spent months hating them both and plotting revenge. Phyllis asked for forgiveness and a second chance. She came up with ways to keep herself in the presence of her ex. He rejected her at every turn, until now. They are reuniting not for romance, but for revenge. Jack and Phyllis have a mutual goal: to take down Victor Newman.

United for the sake of revenge

This is not the first rodeo for this pair. They have attempted many times unsuccessfully to one-up the patriarch of the Newman clan, and they grow more determined with each failure.

This time they are driven because Victor's antics have changed their lives forever. While Jack and Phyllis were on their honeymoon for their second try at matrimony, Victor struck in a most devious manner.

He kidnapped Jack and replaced him with look alike, Marco. For months Phyllis was going to bed every night with an imposter. This was the big one. After the truth came out, and Jack and Phyllis were reunited, things were never the same. They tried and failed separately as well as together, to take down "The Moustache." Now they are obsessed with getting even yet again. Jack has seemingly forgotten his animosity toward his ex for sleeping with his brother. On today's episode the duo spent a lot of time together, trying to figure out how to make Victor pay.

Their need for revenge has joined them at the hip, and it eclipses all else.

The power of hate as a motivator

The mutual hatred for Victor is what keeps this couple going. It is the one thing they have in common at all times. They know that Mr. Newman's weak spot is his family. They will pull out all the stops to find out what secrets the Newman's are hiding.

They will try to use them to bring down Victor, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

They are forgetting that it ends badly for all who cross the great Victor Newman. The once married couple should remember that even if they win a battle, thus far Victor always wins the war. The duo is giving no consideration to the collateral damage and all the innocent people who will be hurt because of their vendetta.

Their hatred for Mr. Newman always clouds their judgement. Jack and Phyllis Abbot fall and get right back up. No matter how dirty Victor plays or how he hurts them, they continue to try to get revenge.