Supernatural Season 11 may have only just finished, but people are already talking about Season 12. There's so little news about it yet, but that hasn't stopped speculation and rumor. People want to know the truths, though. Here's a look at what we already know forSupernatural Season 12.

It will start in fall 2016

The Originals made news when the CW said that it wouldn't return until 2017. It was a major shock, and the "SPN family" certainly started to wonder about its own show. The good news is,Supernatural will return in fall 2016. The actual date for it to return hasn't yet been shared, along with all the other shows confirmed for the 2016-2017 programming season.

It will get a night change

Those who have blocked Wednesday nights out for the last year and a half will need to plan their weeks again.Supernatural is moving nights for its 12th Season (definitely not the first time that has happened). It will now air on Thursday nights at 9pm, straight afterLegends of Tomorrow.

It will have new showrunners

Jeremy Carver stepped down from running the show after taking over the reins in Season 8. Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb will now take over, making it the first time that the show has officially had two showrunners. Both know the Winchesters inside out, with Singer being part of the show since its conception.

It will feature more of the Men of Letters

After theSupernatural Season 11 finale, this shouldn't be that much of a surprise.

Elizabeth Blackmore had already been confirmed for Season 12, after leavingThe Vampire Diariesin Season 7. The Men of Letters have been following the Winchesters for some time, and this season will potential have a battle between the two.

It will feature the same main cast

The four men who make up the main cast are not going anywhere.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki will return as Dean and Sam Winchester for the next season. Misha Colllins and Mark Sheppard are also confirmed to return to their roles as Castiel and Crowley respectively.

That's what is known so far aboutSupernatural Season 12. There is still so much unknown, such as whether God and Amara will be back and what role Mary Winchester will play. Keep checking for more updates, brought to you as soon as they are released.