"Prison Break" season 5 opened with Lincoln Burrows discovering seven years later that his brother Michael Schofield may actually be alive. If so, Michael is imprisoned in Yemen. Lincoln decides to travel to Yemeni to break Michael out of prison. Benjamin Miles Franklin, one known as C-Note and also in prison with Lincoln, offers to use his contacts in Yemen to help Lincoln locate Michael and help him break out. When they get to Yemen, things don't work out as they planned. The prisoner they believe to be Michael Schofield is claiming to be someone else.

Who is Kaniel Outis?

Kaniel Outis is a big name terrorist in Yemen. It seems Michael is posing as the terrorist in the Orygia Prison, but to what end it isn't revealed. He is planning an escape from the prison. Since the only prisoner of importance to be revealed in the show to be imprisoned in Orygia Prison is Abu Ramal, this may be who Michael has been sent to break out. Ramal was sent to Orygia five years ago, and is an infamous terrorist known for terrorist acts that include beheading people and also many rapes.

How Ramal is connected to Kaniel Outis/Michael Schofield isn't revealed. They embrace at the end of the show when Abu Ramal is released into the general population 24 hours before Michael has planned an escape.

When Abu Ramal appears, he and Michael embrace, and Michael calls him "Brother."

Sarah and Mike get on with their lives

Back in the states Sarah and Mike, her son, move on, and Sarah remarries. After Michael supposedly died in the original "Prison Break," Sarah took Mike and tried to create a new life on her own. She is now married to an economist named Jacob Anton Ness.

Sarah talks to him about Michael and asks him what to do after she speaks to Kellerman at the State Department. Kellerman reveals that only someone powerful could have changed Michael's identity, and Michael is guilty of murdering the Assistant Director of the CIA. Mike later receives an origami flower from Michael to warn him and Sarah that a storm is coming and to get to safety.

Who is the Sheik of Light?

Lincoln and C-Note receive an origami message from Michael. He tells them to find the Sheik of Light, and then Michael can be free. Lincoln and C-Note approach a woman named Sheba and offer her money to help them to track down the Sheik of Light. They travel into the most dangerous part of the city to track down this man. He is an engineer who has been trapped in this part of the city with his daughter. Lincoln, C-Note, and Sheba rescue the man and his daughter and get them to safety. Now the question becomes: Who is this mysterious man, and how can he save Michael? Will Michael and his group escape the prison before it is bombed?

"Prison Break" airs on Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. on Fox.