Reign” season 4 is the last. There is no denying that. In fact, the CW has now confirmed that the Series Finale of the show will air on June 16, 2017. That means that there are less than two months left for the historical drama. With that in mind, it’s time to look at some of the top things fans need to see before the show ends.

Mary having the heir to the English throne

Mary is currently pregnant with the heir to the English throne. At least, that’s something we’ve been led to believe. Chances are that she won’t have a miscarriage and conceive James Stuart another time due to there only being seven episodes left to the season.

So, that means we should see Mary give birth to the heir to the English throne. This is something we need to see happen. But we also need to see that heir being cared for by his mother. This heir is everything she has wanted, although she would have preferred it to be Francis’ child.

Darnley getting his comeuppance

If you know your history, you know that Darnley will meet his end very soon. It won’t be a peaceful ending for him, either. History states that Darnley was murdered, although the actual murderer is unknown. Bothwell is believed to have had a part. Darnley is one of the darkest characters of the season. He is after the Scottish and English thrones, and is willing to hurt Mary to get them.

We can’t see that happen. It would be nice to see Mary and Bothwell work together to get rid of the man who is now consort of Scotland.

Claude finally getting to be happy

Claude hasn’t had the easiest life. She finally found love, only for that man to be killed—at least she thought he was killed. After marrying for the sake of France, Claude found out that her lover was still alive.

The trio did enter an agreement to let Claude find happiness, but it understandably didn’t work out. There is hope that Claude will find some type of happiness in the end. That may not be with Luke or Leith, but we just want to see her happy and at peace. Will she find the peace within motherhood?

Mary and Francis together again

Even though Francis is dead, nobody can deny that we want to see him again. That isn’t entirely impossible. Some fans believe that Mary and Francis will be reunited in the final moments of the series finale. There is hope that when Mary is executed (as history says she will be) that she will be transported to a heaven where Francis is waiting for her. There is hope that Lola and Ailee will be waiting for her in that heaven, too, along with all the others she loved who have gone before her.

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